Help Your Child Learn To Count

There are at least 7 parts to counting a group of objects:
–  memorizing the names of the numbers
–  saying them in a certain order
–  connecting each number-word to an object to be counted
–  recognizing the repeated 1 – 9 pattern of the numbers
–  understanding that the final number said is the total quantity in the group
–  knowing that the order in which we count the objects does not affect the total
–  believing that the number of objects in a group stays the same even after they are rearranged

Try This

Start by having your child count a small amount that you are pretty sure he can handle with confidence. Then gradually increase the quantity until you reach a number at which he has difficulty. Have him count that many objects until he becomes comfortable with that greater amount.

1) Learning To Count Is Hard Work
2) Help Your Child Learn To Count
3) There May Be More To Learn
4) Help Your Child Count Even Better